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For many years the authority and market leader when it comes to advanced and specialist driving and security training courses.

Professional driving instructors Extremely experienced and highly motivated driving instructors provide your driving training course.

Active since 1989 PDS has been active for more than 30 years. You follow the training course at the founders of advanced and specialist driving and security training courses.

Own perfect instruction vehicles We use our own perfectly maintained and professionally equipped instruction vehicles for all our driving courses.

Teacher trainings We have been providing very successful ‘train the trainer’ courses for years.

Driving training courses

Executive Chauffeurs

You drive safe, smooth and comfortable while keeping an eye open for safety risks. All this in hectic traffic, under time pressure, along the optimal route and paying attention to service and discretion. This is what You learn during our driving training courses for executive chauffeurs. We are the founder of these professional driving training courses.

Driving training courses

Emergency Services

Urgently on site in a safe way. After our driving training course you wil have excellent driving skills to participate in traffic under extreme conditions. During this practical training course, the accent is on training traffic insight, scanning technique, anticipation, vehicle control, special road behavior with the use of emergency lights and sirens and safety insight.

Driving training courses

High-Risk Environments

Safe and alert are the keywords for driving in areas and countries where there is a high or increased safety risk. After this training you will be able to limit risks in the field of traffic and personal safety as much as possible. We have been providing training for close protection teams and local drivers for many years. Customised training courses are possible at every level.

Driving training courses

Commercial Drivers

A good and social driving style to minimize the risk of an accident. Very important if you are on the road a lot. You learn to drive according to the FID-plan. The three key points are Fuel reduction, Image improvement and Damage reduction. This method helps employers to reduce operating costs and contribute to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Driving training courses

About PDS

For many years we have been thé authority and market leader when it comes to advanced and specialist driving and security training courses. Leading, innovative and with a large and profound offering. From a compact basic training course to the most specialist driving and security training courses. We take care of it all. Whether you are looking for practically oriented training courses or flexible customized solutions? You will receive the course or solution that suits your situation and wishes. Both in the Netherlands and in (risk areas) abroad.

We know the market and have extensive experience in training executive drivers, (personal) security guards, employees of various emergency services and commercial drivers. This knowledge and quality is reflected in the quality of our training courses.

PDS Rijopleidingen

  • use only very experienced and professional driving instructors
  • has been active as a driver trainer for more than 30 years
  • has been successfully providing ‘train the trainer’ courses for years
  • can provide excellent references
  • provides driving and security training all over the world (and therefore also in risk areas)
  • offers the highest quality at a competitive rate
  • owns perfectly maintained instruction vehicles
  • is a CCV accredited training centre
  • focuses on increasing knowledge and insight
  • has taken out collective accident insurance for you
  • has its own, very modern e-learning site, Smart Learning Solutions, to support practical training
  • offers you detailed and personal reports
  • uses different starting locations throughout the Netherlands
  • can inform you quickly through optimal communication

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