Emergency Services

As a driver of an emergency vehicle, excellent driving skills are a must. You are always expected to be at the site of an emergency shortly after the incident, but at the same time you have to keep an eye on your own safety, as well as the safety of others. You drive for emergency services under extreme circumstances and use the emergency lights and sirens. You also have an important role model in traffic.

Bringing and maintaining driving skills to a high level

The instructors of PDS Rijopleidingen will train you and will ensure that you can perform your task as a driver of an emergency vehicle at a high level. During the training, the accents are on traffic insight, scanning technique, anticipation, decision-making skills, vehicle control, safety insight and special road behavior both with and without the use of emergency lights and sirens.

Own skilled and very experienced driving instructors

The instructors who provide the ambulance and fire-fighting training courses are also deployed in the specialist driving training courses of the Dutch Police Academy. You will therefore be guided by instructors who have knowledge of daily practice and who seamlessly link the instruction to this. Of course they are in possession of the legally required passes and they are extremely motivated to guide you to the highest possible level. In short, you can count on 100% commitment every training day.

In possession of legally required passes

Our driving instructors are in possession of the legally required License for Motor Vehicle Driver Instruction (WRM Wet Rijonderricht Motorrijtuigen) and the so-called OGS+ competence pass, the Instructor’s License for OGS+. With this they are authorized to provide driving instruction for emergency services, whereby the actual driving may be instructed with emergency lights and siren. And, perhaps most importantly, your teacher is motivated to guide you to the highest possible riding level. You can count on 100% commitment within the emergency services driver training, every day and every hour of the training.

Free advice about the possibilities Customized Plan

Experience shows that training coordinators of emergency services like to discuss about a training plan that is adapted to the specific wishes/requirements. And in which clear goals have been incorporated. Are you interested in a Customized Plan? Please feel free to contact us. In a completely no-obligation personal conversation we would like to explain the possibilities and solutions that we can offer.

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