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Free employment database for participants of our driving training courses

We have a huge network. Parties approach us with some regularity when they are looking for professionally trained executive chauffeurs and/or (personal) security guards. We can bring you in touch with those parties.

How does it work?

Upon request, the interested party will receive the information from PDS of alle persons in the employment database that meet the criteria set by the party. The name and address data (excluding the town) are not made known to the interested party. If the interested party wants to interview you, the contact will be arranged via PDS.

If you have followed one or more driving training courses at PDS, sign up for free for our employment database.

Chances of success

The chance of success depends on a range of factors. For example: your level of education, prior education, work experience but also the market itself, where you live and your income demands. The number of jobs available is very limited and the demand for work exceeds the supply. Your chances of success will of course grow if you meet all the criteria.

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