Commercial Drivers

When you are spending a lot of time on the road because of your work, limiting traffic risks is highly essential. Following our FID-plan will reduce the risk of becoming involved in a road accident. FID stands fors: Fuel reduction, Image improvement and Damage reduction. This plan prepares you for a social and effective driving style so that you can be an impressive 'walking business card' for your company, as well as saving money on fuel costs.

Save on your costs

With your company, you can achieve a huge reduction in costs and at the same time contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With the FID-plan you also limit the risk of absenteeism as a result of an accident.

The FID-plan has been especially developed for you as a commercial driver and focuses on three core points: 

  1. Fuel reduction
  2. Image improvement 
  3. Damage reduction 

During the training course, you will get answers to many questions, including:

  1. How can I, by using a scanning pattern, see the most?
  2. How do I make good timing at intersections and roundabouts?
  3. How do I execute an effective braking manoeuvre and an emergency stop?
  4. How do I drive corners safely?
  5. How do I recognize risky traffic situations?
  6. With which driving style can I save fuel?

Customized driving training course

PDS also offers other driving style courses for experienced and less experienced drivers. Performing practical exercises, geared to your level of experience, you will discover new opportunities to be able to drive more safely and smoothly, and therefore better. You’ll be surprised how much there is to learn!

Incentive as an informative corporate event

The PDS incentives are extremely informative. The participants perform practical exercises in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and receive tips aimed at increasing your trafficsafety. Ideal for a challenging, fun, and informative corporate event!

Professional training through our years of experience

Partly due to our many years of experience in providing driving training courses for professional road users, PDS Rijopleidingen can offer you highly efficient, professional and practical training at every level you desire.

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