The 14 certainties

1. Professional driving instructors

Extremely experienced and highly motivated driving instructors provide your driving training course. 

PDS employs five permanent instructors for the driving training courses. They are in possession of the legally required Instructor’s License for Motor Vehicle Driver Instruction. Additionally, all instructors are in possession of the Instructor’s License for OGS+ with which they can provide training with emergency lights and siren for emergency services (police, ambulance and fire brigade). All teachers also provide the most specialist driving training courses for the Dutch Police Academy and are super motivated to transfer their knowledge to you. Your instructor is skilled in its profession, is didactically educated, well-trained and experienced. Without a doubt, you will be trained by a top instructor, whom very few other educators have.

2. Active since 1989

PDS has been active for more than 30 years. You follow the training course at the founders of advanced and specialist driving and security training courses.

PDS is the authority and market leader when it comes to advanced and specialist driving and security training courses. Leading, innovative and with a large and profound range of courses. From a compact basic driving training course to the most specialist driving and security training courses. Are you looking for practically oriented training courses or flexible customised solutions, PDS is the right address.

3. Teacher driving training courses

We have been providing very successful ‘train the trainer’ courses for years.

Do you work as a driving instructor at an emergency service or do you have ambitions to become one? Then do what many others have done before: get professional training from PDS. With the teachter driving training course you lay a very solid foundation to be able to provide the instruction later yourself. A nice demo in cornering technique, passing technique and special handling (with or without emergency lights and siren) is no problem for you.

4. Excellent references

PDS has a very good name and reputation in the market.

The quality of PDS Rijopleidingen is acknowledged by many parties (governments, multinationals, private individuals). The name PDS is the result of years of hard work and building the best driver training. We can provide many excellent references upon request.

5. Driving and security training courses all over the world (and therefor also in risk areas)

Do you work abroad and maybe even in high security risk areas? We can also be of service there.

Do you want to be trained in a country other than the Netherlands? That is possible, we can provide driving and security training courses on location and (almost) anywhere in the world. These are tuned to the local situation, so that a seamless connection can be made to your needs and wishes. We have extensive experience in providing these training courses, which are practical and very efficient.

6. The highest quality at a competitive rate

Because of many years of experience, we offer you a high-quality training at a competitive rate.

We can demonstrate that we have a great deal of experience in training executive drivers, (personal)security officers, employees of various emergency services and commercial drivers. We know better than anyone else the working activities of these professional groups. PDS knows the market. This knowledge and experience is reflected in the quality of our training courses. In combination with excellent driving instructors, the right instruction vehicles, our own supporting e-learning and a customer-oriented and good and easily accessible office staff, we offer you the best possible driver training courses at a fair and competitive rate.

7. Own perfect instruction vehicles

We use our own perfectly maintained and professionally equipped instruction vehicles for all our driving training courses.

During the training you drive a beautiful, modern, well-maintained and above all very nice car. With an adequate additional insurance for driving instruction and equipped with full dual controls. Striking, non-striking, with or without emergency lights and siren, we always have an instruction vehicle that perfectly matches your driver training course.

8. Training centre accredited by the CCV

PDS is officially certified as a training centre to provide your driver training course.

The CCV-D1, Basic driver training course for executive driver, and CCV-D2 Advanced driver training course for executive driver, are independently examined by the CCV. To be able to provide these driver training courses, a driver trainer centre must be certified. PDS has been the initiator of this independent examination. We have been certified since the start of the CCV-D exams in 2003.

9. The focus lies on raising the levels of knowledge and insight

The quality to be able to focus on increasing your knowledge and insight.

You want to achieve the highest possible driving skills in the time available? A good driving level mainly depends on your knowledge and insight. That is why the focus is mainly on this during your driver training course. Our instructors will guide you optimally with their years of experience. This will allow you to achieve the maximum achievable.

10. Collective accident insurance

Extra well insured by our collective accident insurance.

Many training centers comply with the legal insurance obligation for the instruction vehicles. Our instruction vehicles are of course insured for this. But PDS also offers you extra security. We have also taken out passenger insurance and a collective accident insurance for you. Not that we ever want to use it, but at least it’s well organized.

11. Our own ultramodern e-learning site, Smart Learning Solutions, to support the practical component of the course

You can study the theory in a pleasant way with our e-learning.

Not everyone is that enthusiastic about learning theory. To make it for you as easy as possible, PDS has its own modern and user-friendly e-learning site. The theory is always easy to follow via Smart Learning Solutions (SLS). For all kind of training courses you can study the supporting theory. At your own pace, at the time you want and on PC, tablet, Ipad or smart phone.

12. Detailed and personal report

After the training you will receive a clear report so that you have a reference work and the description of the driving level you have achieved.

If you have followed a driving training course at PDS with a diploma or official certificate, you will receive an extensive report shortly after completion. This report shows in detail how your driving level has developed during the driving training course and which final level you have achieved. When you followed an application training you will receive a report based on a checklist. All topics covered and the corresponding score are also shown here. This way you can always demonstrate your driving level, for example when you want to apply for a job.

13. You can use different starting locations throughout the Netherlands

PDS uses different starting locations in the Netherlands.

You can start your education at various places in the Netherlands. The starting location is determined in consultation with you and depends, among other things, on the type of training. This can be a central point that is easily accessible for every participant, but also a private practice location. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

14. Quick information through optimal communication

You can always have the information you want quickly and easily.

Through the student information system, the short lines of communication and a good accessible office, you are guaranteed to have up-to-date information at all times. Personal analyses and clearly written reports provide outstanding insight into the level you or your personnel have achieved.

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