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Proseco - Lead Team Protection & Support

During the many years that we have our team members educated and trained by PDS, we can always count on a professional approach. We like to set the bar high and so does PDS. They provide customization if necessary and always think along with our practice and which training forms fit in well with it. The experienced teachers create a pleasant learning climate in the car, which also ensures that the efficiency of training is optimal.

Taxi Slingerland B.V. - John Van der Laan

Since 2007, PDS has been providing our driver training courses. The cooperation is always top notch, people are always thinking along with the training, even when things go wrong. In short, PDS stands for an expert team!

Gemeente Almere - Karin Wouda

The drivers of the Municipality of Almere have been following the driving skills training at PDS for many years. Due to the expertise of the instructors, these trainings are always a useful and pleasant experience We look forward to a continuation of the collaboration with PDS to continue to improve the level of our drivers.

UWV - Richard Willems

As drivers of the Executive Board of the UWV, we have been following the training and application days at PDS since 2002. The experiences with PDS are particularly good. Training and subject matter are of a high level, as are the cars that are driven. PDS is a high quality, very professional company with experienced instructors. It is always a special and instructive experience for us to go out with the men from PDS for a training or application day. They are always fun days with conversations about traffic, mobility, safety, executive transport and of course the practice and training of actions and situations that you hope you don't need in your normal work, but are useful to keep track of and train. We therefore hope to be able to use the PDS offer for a long time to come.

Gemeente Rotterdam - Martin Stok

We have been using the expertise of PDS for many years. The repetitiive training keeps the driving skills at an excellent level. Smooth, safe and comfortable driving and keeping an eye on safety is our top priority. Thanks to PDS, the finishing touches are made every year.

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