Customised driving training course

Entry level

You must be in possession of a valid driving license B (passenger car)

Training duration

In consultation


The maximum number of participants will be determined in consultation with you


On request

The customised driving training course improves more road safety. Within this training, we improve driving skills, minimize accidents and increase road safety. In this training we look together at the parts on which we will focus. More information about the driving training course can be found below.

Target group

The customised driving training course is intended for both the commercial and the private driver.


The goal of this customised driving training course will be determined in consultation with you.

On request we can pay extra attention to the specific circumstances related to practise a profession or to the specifications of a vehicle.

Course content

Fully customized driving training course, tuned to the goal defined in consultation with you.

Course location(s)

  • the public road 
  • private practice locations

During this driving training course you will be driving on the public road or totally or partly at a private practice location. PDS has the possibility to use various private practice locations in the Netherlands. For courses that take place on the public road, it is possible to start at a location that suits you.


The form of the report of the driving training course will be decided in consultation with you.

Points to note

We would be happy to make a no-obligation appointment to make an inventory of your wishes, so that we can advise you on the options available (including the method of training).

  • Professional driving instructors
  • Active since 1989
  • Own instruction vehicles
  • Teacher trainings

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Customised driving training course