Winter Safety Training Module Swedish Lapland

Entry level

You should preferably already have taken part in an advanced PDS driving training course

Training duration

The training lasts 4 days, of which 2 training days and 2 travel days


A minimum of six persons


On request

Snow and ice are part of winter. We learn you to drive safely under wintry conditions.

Target group

You have previously taken part in an advanced driving training course and want to gain more experience driving on slippery road surfaces.


At the end of the training:

  • you are able to drive safely in wintry conditions
  • you are familiar with the possibilities and the limitations of your vehicle when you are driving on snow and ice
  • you demonstrate being able to apply the required vehicle operation and vehicle control and applies driving techniques to keep the vehicle under control under these circumstances

Course content

The Winter Safety Training Module of PDS Rijopleidingen in Swedish Lapland is a must for every self-respecting (professional) driver. Very interesting to do and very useful in daily practice. In recent years it has become clear that the climate is changing. Heavy downpours in the summer months or heavy snow showers in the winter period, which can severely disrupt traffic.

By following the Winter Safety Training Module you are well prepared for these kinds of situations. During the Winter Safety Training Module you will practice a lot on braking and swerving on extremely slippery road surfaces. Of course you will also get the necessary hours of instruction in cornering and you will drive many different turns on the ice. You drive in different cars, equipped with various safety systems and and fitted with a range of tyres. You experience how all these different safety systems and tyres react in wintry conditions and, above all, you discover where the limits lie. Limits of the material, but certainly also of yourself as a driver.

Course location(s)

  • a gigantic ‘ice circuit’ in Ebbenjarka, Lapland in Sweden
  • snowy roads in the area of Ebbenjarka


The Winter Safety Training Module will be given in Ebbenjarka, in the Swedish part of Lapland. Ebbenjarka is located 15 kilometres from Luleå and Kallax Airport in Northern Sweden and is known for its wonderful natural beauty, isolation and serenity. In the winter months, a gigantic ice circuit is built on the frozen lake of Ebbenjarka, and there is no shortage of snow on the roads in the area. At night, the temperature drops to -30 degrees Celsius. In other words, guaranteed wintry conditions and endless possibilities to master the skills of driving in wintry circumstances. You can’t compare this to a track on a circuit in the Netherlands that has been artificially prepared with snow and ice. In addition to the fact that Sweden offers fantastic winter scenery, it is therefore a paradise for this kind of special winter training courses.

Certificate of participation

After this course you will receive a certificate of participation.

Point to note

This course is approved by the CCV to be registered as a theoretical-application day in connection with the validity of your CCV-D1 or CCV-D2 Certificate for Executive Chauffeur. Per validity period of your certificate (5 years), one of the three required application days may be a theoretical application day. This training can only take place with a minimum number of 6 participants.


  • Professional driving instructors
  • Active since 1989
  • Own instruction vehicles
  • Teacher trainings

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Winter Safety Training Module Swedish Lapland