Ambulance driver application training

Entry level

You have completed the initial training course for ambulance driver and must be in possession of a valid driving license category B (passenger car)

Training duration

1 day


Maximum of two per vehicle


On request

Target group

You work as an ambulance driver for one of the safety regions. This training has been specially developed to maintain your previously acquired competences, to inform you about changes in legislation and regulations and to explain new insights and techniques.


At the end of the ambulance driver application training you have the knowledge gained from previous driver training been maintained and improved.

Course content

The content of the training is tailored to the previously completed driver training(s)

Course location(s)

This training is provided on location and on public roads.


You will receive a written report based on a checklist.

  • Professional driving instructors
  • Active since 1989
  • Own instruction vehicles
  • Teacher trainings

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Ambulance driver application training