Initial Driving Training Course for Ambulance

Entry level

You have a valid driver's license category B (passenger car) or C (truck)

Training duration

5 days


Maximum of two per car


On request

Initial Driving Training Course for Ambulance

You can follow the initial driving training course (or basic driver training) at PDS Rijopleidingen to become an ambulance driver. The training must be requested by the service for which you work (for example, by the regional training coordinator).

The initial driving training course for ambulance consists of 2 parts:

  • a practical part in which driving skills are trained
  • a theoretical part about laws and regulations

Both parts must be followed in order to get started as an ambulance driver.


At the end of the initial ambulance driving training course you will have a driving style that:

  • enables you to participate in traffic safely and smoothly, whether or not using emergency lights and sirens
  • is aimed at preventing damage and accidents
  • demonstrates social and responsible road behaviour

Course content

  • content short driving analysis
  • sitting and steering position, use of seat belts, mirror adjustment
  • vehicle operation and vehicle control
  • steering technique
  • braking technique
  • SIBS-technique (Scanning, Indicate, Brake, Steer)
  • scanning technique
  • improving traffic insight
  • further development of perception and anticipation
  • approaching and timing at intersections and roundabouts
  • driving positions
  • timing and decision-making skills when entering and exiting and lane changes
  • cornering technique
  • overtaking technique
  • turning maneuvers
  • risk avoiding road behaviour
  • driving with emergency lights and sirens
  • legislation regarding emergency lights and sirens

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Initial Driving Training Course for Ambulance