CCV-D1 Basic driving training course for executive chauffeur

Entry level

You must be in possession of a valid driving license category B (passenger car)

Training duration

5 days (including the CCV-D1 exam)


Maximum two per vehicle


On request

Target group

You are working (or intend to work) in the function of:

  • executive chauffeur
  • personal security guard

This driving training course is suitable if you want to work in the function of executive chauffeur or personal security guard.


At the end of this training:

  • you demonstrate a safe, smooth and comfortable style of driving
  • you demonstrate that the vehicle control, traffic insight and the observation technique and anticipation capacity are at a sufficient level
  • you find the correct routes, either with or without navigation equipment
  • you execute your activities with the correct attitude and in a discrete way
  • you apply the basic safety measures during your activities
  • you know the CCV-D1 theory and are able to apply this during driving

Course content

  • improving traffic insight
  • developing the scanning technique
  • developing the observation technique and anticipation capacity
  • being able to use the correct cornering technique
  • improving vehicle operation and vehicle control
  • driving with an automatic gearbox
  • driving in darkness
  • preparing a route
  • using route navigation equipment and telephone
  • basic security watching and thinking
  • being representative

Course location(s)

During this training course we will be driving on the public road. A limited part of the course will take place at a private practice location.


You will receive a written and detailed report.

CCV-D1, Basic driving training course for executive chauffeur

The CCV-D1 Basic driving training course for executive chauffeur consists of a practical part of five days, including the CCV-D1 exam, and a theoretical part.

Start with an introduction day

In principle, you start the training program bij following the introduction day . During the introduction day, you will be told about the course, the profession of executive chauffeur and all the relevant facets of the profession. You are shown the operation of the instruction vehicle and will be given instructions on a number of important (basic)techniques.

Practical part CCV-D1

The practical part consists of a practical training given by an expert and experienced instructor. Of course, during the training a vehicle will be used that is representative of executive-level transport, made available by PDS.

Theoretical part CCV-D1

The theoretical part must be taken independently via our e-learning site. After registering for the course you receive a login code for our e-learning site Smart Learning Solutions, with which you gain access to the course material of the ‘Executive Chauffeur’ module package. You then have the option, at any time you wish, to take part on the theoretical part via an online learning environment at your own time.
The theoretical part should preferably be completed before the practical part. It is our experience that an average of 35 hours of study is required to successfully complete the CCV-D1 theoretical examination. The access to the e-learning site ends after successfully completing the theoretical examination at the CCV.

We offer you an excellent chance of success

Because of the effective structure of our basic driving training course for executive chauffeur, combined with the fact that PDS is the most experienced training centre in this field, you will have an excellant chance of passing the CCV-D exams. Do you also want to follow a training to become an executive chauffeur? Please get in touch with PDS!

Examination CCV-D1

This examination consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical exam consists of a multiple choice test on location. The practical exam takes place on the public road and lasts 85 minutes. Both exams takes place under supervision from the CCV.

CCV-D1 theoretical exam explained

The theoretical exam can be taken at one of the locations accredited by the CCV. Most of the time this is possible at a location in your area. The examination location and date will be decided in consultation. The theoretical exam is taken via a computer and consists of 40 multiple choice questions. This exam takes place under the supervision of a member of the CCV. To pass the exam, you will need to answer at least 32 questions correctly. You will have 30 minutes to complete the exam.

CCV-D1 practical exam explained

The practical exam, which takes place on the public road, is examined by an examiner of the CCV and lasts 85 minutes. During the examination, your instructor will sit in the front seat on the right, and the examiner will sit on the back seat on the right. The instruction vehicle of PDS will be used for this exam.

Startlocation CCV-D1 practical exam

The practical exam takes place on a Friday, immediately after the training course. No use is made of a fixed start and finish location for the exam. The location will be announced by the CCV shortly at the end of the day before the examination itself.

Issuing of the CCV-D1 Certificat

If you successfully complete both the theoretical and practical components, you will receive the CCV-D1 Certificate for Executive Chauffeur from the CCV.
After passing one of the exams, the other exam must be done and passed within six months to obtain the CCV-D1 Certificate for Executive Chauffeur. So, between passing the theoretical and the practical exam there can be no more than six month.

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CCV-D1 Basic driving training course for executive chauffeur