Introduction personal security for the executive chauffeur

Entry level

To participate in this course you must have a minimum of a valid CCV-D1 certificate

Training duration

2 days


Four participants, maximum two per vehicle


On request

Target group

As an executive driver, you want to gain more knowledge of / or insight into the profession of personal security guard.


At the end of the training you will demonstrate that you are able to apply the basic skills of personal security and you will be familiar with its most important ‘do’s and don’ts’. You show that your driving level at least meets the end goals of the CCV-D1 Basic driving training course.

Course content

  • theory of personal security and preventive observation
  • theory of acquinting with terrorism and basic formations 
  • tactical instruction in driving in security mode with a back-up vehicle 
  • practical exercise in visiting a hotel/restaurant with a VIP
  • practical exercise in going to a shopping centre with a VIP
  • procedures in high-risk situations
  • procedures for getting in and out of a vehicle
  • maintaining the previous achieved driving level

Course location(s)

During this course you will be driving on the public road. In addition, we do various exercises in shopping centers and hotels/restaurants.


You will receive a report based on a checklist.

Point to note

This course is approved by the CCV to be registered as a theoretical-application day in connection with the validity of your CCV-D1 or CCV-D2 Certificate for Executive Chauffeur. Per validity period of your certificate (5 years), one of the three required application days may be a theoretical application day.

  • Professional driving instructors
  • Active since 1989
  • Own instruction vehicles
  • Teacher trainings

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Introduction personal security for the executive chauffeur