PDS D3 Specialist driving training course for executive chauffeur

Entry level

To participate in this course you must have a minimum of a valid CCV-D2 certificate

Training duration

4 days (including the examination)


Maximum two per vehicle


On request

Target group

You are working in the function of:

  • executive chauffeur
  • personal security guard

This driving training course is suitable if you are working in the function of executive chauffeur or personal security guard.


At the end of this training:

  • you demonstrate that your scanning technique, traffic insight, observation technique and anticipation capacity, driving technique and stress coping mechanisms are at an outstanding level
  • you possess outstanding vehicle operation and vehicle control
  • you drive with a high sense of responsibility
  • are able to apply an offensive tolerant driving style

Course content

  • optimising the scanning technique and traffic insight
  • increasing the observation technique and anticipation capacity
  • enhancing the overtaking technique
  • applying cornering techniques and cornering lines under unfavourable conditions
  • improving vehicle control under unfavourable conditions
  • sharpen vehicle operation
  • expanding multitasking
  • acquiring observation techniques
  • recognising danger/risks
  • notice, recognise and lose a follower
  • driving/behaving in a risk-avoiding manner

Course location(s)

During this course we will be driving on the public road. During this course, three days will be spent driving in Germany.


You will receive a written and detailed report.

Point to note

A maximum of three course days of the PDS D3 can be registered with the CCV as application days in connection with the validity of your CCV-D1 or CCV-D2 Certificate for Executive Chauffeur.

Examination and certification

The CCV does not examine Specialist driving training courses for executive chauffeur. For this reason, the examination will be organised and examined internally by PDS. If you pass this examination, PDS will issue the PDS D3 Certificate for Executive Chauffeur.

  • Professional driving instructors
  • Active since 1989
  • Own instruction vehicles
  • Teacher trainings

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PDS D3 Specialist driving training course for executive chauffeur