PDS D4 Advanced specialist driving training course for executive chauffeur

Entry level

To participate in this course you must have a minimum of a valid PDS D3 certificate

Training duration

3 days (including the examination)


A minimum of six


On request

Target group

You are working in the function of:

  • executive chauffeur
  • personal security guard

This driving training course is suitable if you are working in the function of executive chauffeur or personal security guard.


At the end of this training:

  • you demonstrate that your vehicle operation and vehicle control, your driving technique and stress coping mechanisms are at an outstanding level
  • you demonstrate outstanding decision-making skills
  • you drive with a high sense of responsibility

Course content

  • steering and dodging on a wet and slippery road surface
  • steering-, braking- and evasion techniques both solo and in combination with other vehicles
  • reacting to oversteering or understeering
  • responding to aquaplaning
  • cornering at high speeds
  • avoiding obstacles at high speeds
  • the working of safety systems such as ABS and ESP
  • responding in emergency situations (entering a corner with high speed/with one or more wheels in the road side)
  • responding when being driven set by another road user
  • 180° slip in reverse

Course location(s)

This course will take place at a private practice location.


You will receive a written and detailed report.

Point to note

This course is approved by the CCV to be registered as a theoretical-application day in connection with the validity of your CCV-D1 or CCV-D2 Certificate for Executive Chauffeur. Per validity period of your certificate (5 years), one of the three required application days may be a theoretical application day.

Examination and certification

This course will be ended with a practical exam. The examination will be organised and examined internally by PDS. If you pass this examination, PDS will issue the PDS D4 Certificate for Executive Chauffeur.

  • Professional driving instructors
  • Active since 1989
  • Own instruction vehicles
  • Teacher trainings

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PDS D4 Advanced specialist driving training course for executive chauffeur