Advanced Safety and Awareness training executive chauffeur

Entry level

PDS SAT-1 or comparable driver training.

Training duration

5 days (including practical SAT-2 exam)


A maximum of 2 per car


On request

Target group

People employed as an executive chauffeur or bodyguard.


The student:

  • shows that viewing technique, traffic insight, power of perception and anticipation, driving technique and immunity to stress are at a good level
  • is able to anticipate and react to unforeseen situations
  • has a good vehicle operation and control
  • maintains his driving skills under aggravated circumstances
  • is able to design and implement a safe travel route and a safety plan

Course content 

  • increasing viewing technique and traffic insight
  • increasing powers of perception and anticipation
  • broadening hand to hand steering technique
  • broadening brake technique
  • improving vehicle control
  • escape techniques
  • basic takeover technique
  • applying corner lines
  • multitasking
  • preparing travel route and safety plan
  • power of perception
  • correct drop-off and pick up procedures

Course location(s)

  • theoretical classroom
  • practice ground
  • public roads and business meeting points


Comprehensive and personalized.

Examining and certification

The exams for this training are held by examiners of CCV, an independent branch of the CBR (Dutch Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre). This certificate (CCV-D2) is a clear national standard regarding the basic driving lessons for management, government and VIP chauffeurs and accepted and valued throughout the branch in the Netherlands. Abroad the exam for this training is held by an instructor of PDS. Upon successful completion of the training PDS issues the student with a certificate PDS SAT-2.


  • Professional driving instructors
  • Active since 1989
  • Own instruction vehicles
  • Teacher trainings

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Advanced Safety and Awareness training executive chauffeur