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For PDS Professional Driving Solutions B.V. (PDS) it is of great importance to carefully make use of personal information of our relationships and students. This privacy statement will show you how we process all personal information and what we use it for. 

PDS processes personal information based on three different grounds:


  • Execution of the agreement; 
  • Justified (company)interests;
  • Your permission in all other cases.

Sometimes it is needed for PDS to enquire personal information in order to perform its services properly. If this information is not available, PDS might possibly not be able to perform all of its services. 



  • For the execution of our services and the financial settlements made afterwards. If another party performs services, PDS will only provide the personal information needed to this party.
  • When you have contact with PDS, whether this is over the phone, e-mail, social media, contact file or questionnaires. In addition, PDS also uses your personal information when you use our (mobile) websites, when you log onto your personal account or when you subscribe to our newspapers.
  • To inform you about PDS’s (new) products and/or services. This can be through our (mobile) websites. The provision of information will be based on your preferences, interests and the use of our (mobile) websites.   
  • For internal analyses used for improving our processes, developing our products and services and market investigation.
  • When you have given your permission to receive our newsletters and/or special offers. Nonetheless, you can always recall your permission by using the unsubscribe link found in every newsletter.

There are a few instances where PDS uses personal information or where others are responsible for the personal information. We will elaborate on these instances further on in this privacy policy.



For PDS, it is of great importance to have personal contacts with all relationships we have as well as with our students and the visitors of our website. PDS follows and takes part in online discussions and social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. By using the web, PDS provides useful information and answers relevant questions. It can happen by doing this, that PDS will register (personal) information, e.g. when PDS handles a question or complaint. This information will be saved in accordance with this privacy statement. However, PDS is not responsible for the content of other users of social media and how they use your personal information.



PDS’s services make use of cookies. These are small files that will be saved on your computer or your browser that store information. PDS only places cookies that are needed for a properly working website to meet up the customer’s needs. For the use of tracking cookies, used for marketing purposes only, permission will be asked beforehand. You can prevent the use of cookies by not accepting them beforehand or by deleting them afterwards. You can consult the help-function on your browsers to find how this can be done. PDS cannot guarantee that the website or electronic services will work properly without accepting cookies first. There might be a chance that some functions will be lost or that some parts of our website might not be visible at all.  

This website makes use of cookies. We solely use cookies to analyse our online traffic and to offer advertisements to our customers. Information will be processed as anonymously as possible. We only share your information about your use of our website with our partners for analyses and advertisements. 

Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make the user experience more efficient.

According to the Dutch law, we are allowed to save all cookies on your device as long as they are strictly needed for using the website. For all other purposes you need to give your permission first.

This website makes use of different kinds of cookies. Some cookies will be placed by services of third parties that are visible on our pages.

By the cookiestatement on our website you can change or withdraw your permission at any moment.

In our privacy policy you can find more information about who we are, how you can contact us and how we will process any personal information. 

Your permission counts only for:


PDS’s services and its website can also make use of cookies of Google Analytics. This is a service offered by Google to collect detailed statistics of a website. PDS uses Google Analytics to keep track of how people use their website. Google can share this information to third parties in case they are legally obligated to do so, or when these third parties process information on behalf of Google. We have no influence in these processes at all. Your IP-address will not be given to these third parties. PDS does not allow Google to use the obtained information knowledge for other Google-services. Google takes part in the Privacy-Shield programme of the American Ministry of Commerce. This means that there is a proper level of protection against the processing of personal information.


On PDS’s website you can find links that will lead you to external websites. PDS does not hold any responsibility for the way these external parties use your information. We recommend you to read their privacy statements before you visit other websites.



PDS will not save your data any longer than is needed. Nor will they save it any longer than is legally allowed. The length of the period that is allowed depends on the type of information and data and its purposes.



You have rights to have insight in your own personal information. When your data is not correct, you can have it changed. Furthermore, you have the right of data transfer. This means that the information PDS transfers to third parties can also be transferred to you as well. In case you want your data to be deleted, you can do so once you have no (financial) obligations to PDS any longer.



PDS keeps the rights to make adjustments to their privacy statement at all times. We therefore advise you to regularly read this page in order to be aware of any possible changes in the future. If PDS makes an important change in the way they use your data, they will inform you via their website(s) and newsletters.  

A request for insight in your data or for anonymising your data can be made on this page.



If you have questions or any remarks on this privacy statement please contact us. The information can be found below. You can also contact us if you have any complaints about the way PDS processes your data. Lastly, you can also use this information for your questions about the (possible) processing, adjustment, addition or deletion of your data. 


When you feel PDS has not acted properly or if you have a question of complaint, you can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority at

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